La Gaceta Endorsement


La Gaceta Endorses Karen Perez

This is an easy decision. Two of the candidates scare us and the third is caring, passionate, concerned and proven her worth on the School Board.

Aly Marie Legge and Roshaun Gendrett scare us because they want to run on non-issues that don’t affect our school district. They address parents having more control over library and text books and seem to think every teacher is telling white kids to hand over their lunch money as reparations to Blacks for slavery.


Our problems are what they always are – money, supporting and keeping great teachers, dealing with the multitude of problems kids have in their lives, uninvolved or uncaring parents and safety.

The incumbent, Karen Perez, knows this. Her campaign material does not mention revisionist American history or allowing individual parents to loot the library. She has been very focused on making our schools safe from bullies and worse. She has pushed for every available penny to make it to the classroom and not to consultants. She required the administration to show a realistic plan on how they were going to spend a proposed tax increase before she would vote on it. She is very supportive of teachers and cares deeply about our children. Her first term was a trial by fire – COVID, strained finances, new superintendent and mass shootings at schools. She has applied common sense and avoided overreaction to each of these challenges.

La Gaceta proudly endorses Karen Perez for School Board District 6

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